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Why & how it started

In 2018, on a cold Thursday night, Clare and Nick met in the middle of Birmingham with a trolley full of Nick’s mother’s homecooked lasagna, tea and coffee, and supplies donated by friends. Their intention was simple, to provide help and support for people who were less fortunate than them. People who didn’t have hot food or a bed to sleep in.

Since that night, HHOB has grown to over 20 active volunteers who meet twice a week in Birmingham city center. We are easy to spot, wearing high viz pink jackets, we make our way through the city, reaching out to those in need, not just providing hot food, toiletries, and clean clothes, but a friendly ear and warm conversation.


A word from our founder

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Support for those in desperate need

Living on the street is dangerous and isolating. If you are homeless, you are 20 times more likely to be a victim of violence and 10 times more likely to take your own life. We provide support to those living this harsh reality. 

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Volunteer with us!

Do you want to provide a helping hand and a friendly ear to our friends on the streets of Birmingham? Check out our volunteer page to see how you can help!

Some of our team

Clare Whitaker


Nick Setaro


Suzanne Hall


Emma Smith


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